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If you struggle with overweight or obesity, you’re probably aware of the mixed messages in the media that surround the disease of obesity as well as its treatments.

As exciting new obesity care treatments become available, the science of obesity care continues to be questioned.

That’s why I was so pleased last month during Obesity Care Week, an annual public awareness campaign, to see the media focus on the science of obesity and advocating for patients to get the help they need.

In case you missed it, here are some Obesity Care Week campaign highlights:

“Obesity is a disease like any other, but one without the compassion and urgency to expand access to science-based and FDA-approved treatment options. We must make changes to ensure that people with obesity have the same level of care that is offered for other diseases!”

If you are someone who struggles with weight and are looking for a credible resource to stay up to date on the latest news and treatments to support your efforts, I highly recommend you check out the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC).

OAC is a 75,000-member strong not-for-profit organization that helps individuals on their journey toward better health through education, advocacy and support.

I encourage you to take time to view their website and see the many ways they can help you.

Here are some examples:

1 – Attend the OAC’s Upcoming Your Weight Matters VIRTUAL Convention

Become informed and empowered to obtain improved obesity care by attending this program that I’ve enjoyed helping to develop for the past 10 years. The program features up to date, evidence-based information presented by the nation’s top leaders in the science and practice of obesity.

Your Weight Matters 2023-Virtual is just around the corner on April 29th – 30th. Sign up for Convention E-news Alerts to stay up to date! Registration opens March 17th.

You can check out the full program here. 

2- Access Science-Based Obesity Care Resources

If you have questions about weight-related topics, you can access the OAC resource library; search hundreds of obesity care topics and receive quality, science-based information, available in print or video.

I also encourage you to receive their quarterly Weight Matters Magazine which is an excellent resource to help you stay up to date on nutrition, exercise, mental health, treatments and more.

3- Read Engaging Personal Stories of People who Struggle with Obesity

People living with obesity can sometimes feel isolated and disheartened, and obesity stigma can make it difficult to talk openly about one’s experiences. That’s why it’s so important to foster open dialogue and share stories to encourage conversation.

Personal stories help support others living with obesity, promote better understanding, and show how obesity affects real lives beyond what we see in  the media.

Be inspired reading others stories and you may even consider sharing your own.

4-Become an Advocate for Improved Obesity Care

You can learn how to use your voice and stand up for improved access to obesity care, treatments, and coverage by joining the OAC community and becoming an advocate yourself.

We are all stronger when we stand together for equitable obesity care!


Robert Kushner, MD

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