Do this One Thing to Find the Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Snacking has gotten a bad rap.

Maybe it’s all those energy dense and “can’t stop eating em” snack foods like chips, candy and cookies that keep calling your name but really don’t do a good job of filling you up or satisfying your hunger.

Or maybe it’s all those restrictive diet plans that discourage snacking – but leave you feeling hungry all the time.

There is another way. It’s called planned snacking.

Planning your snacks will increase your chances of finding the best snacks for weight loss.

When it comes to managing your weight, we know that going long periods without eating can set you up for low energy and a low mood and for feeling so hungry – that you start making bad food choices.

That “hangry” feeling is not a good one and will push you toward consuming those energy dense foods that may give you a quick salt or sugar high but not much in the way of good nutrition to sustain you and help you feel energized.

Three beliefs can prevent you from finding the best snacks for weight loss:

  • The belief that there aren’t any healthy grab-and-go foods that are tasty options
  • The belief that you’re too busy to get healthier options into your home
  • The belief that you don’t have time to pack some healthy snack options to bring to work

The truth is there are many healthy grab-and-go options like nut packs, yogurt cups, hard boiled eggs, string cheese and cut-up fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mixing and matching protein (like nuts, hard boiled eggs, cheese, yogurt, peanut or nut butter) with some colorful produce (like grapes, strawberries, fresh apple, pear or orange slices, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, baby carrots or colorful peppers) is a winning strategy that can be tasty, sweet and crunchy.

The truth is that planning ahead so you can add these good-for-you foods to your weekly shopping list takes just a few minutes – and if you really want to save time you can use a grocery delivery service.

The truth is it takes just minutes to pack your healthy snack the night before so it’s ready to take to work the next day.

The truth is you can try different snack combinations till you find the ones that are easiest to grab and go and keep you feeling satisfied.

Once you find what you like and can add to your weekly grocery list, you’ll be sure to keep these healthy snack foods on hand.

Planning ahead will allow you to find the best snacks for weight loss. Start eating better today. Isn’t your health worth it?


Robert Kushner, MD

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