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Better managing weight is not just about dropping pounds on the scale; it’s also about improving one’s physical and emotional health along the way.

I help people who struggle with weight by first getting to know them and listening as they talk about their personal challenges.

My approach has been consistent over my long career, not being swayed by the latest quick-fix, fad diet.

I understand the complexity of weight management and how it’s not just about finding the perfect proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the foods on your plate or simply visiting the gym more often.

I wrote my latest self-help book, Six Factors to Fit: Weight Loss that Works for You!, to give people who are not able to see me a personalized, self-help weight management plan that targets their lifestyle habits.

According to our esteemed contributor, registered dietitian nutritionist, Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD:

“Six Factors to Fit presents a habits-based, individualized approach to weight management, not a diet. This book can help people get to know themselves, explore new ways of thinking and use personalized strategies, instead of generic advice.”

Here are some highlights that distinguish the Six Factors to Fit program from the more familiar quick-fix, fad diets:

1-Six Factors to Fit addresses all aspect of how you approach and live your life that get in the way of losing weight and keeping it off.

This includes unhealthy eating, inactivity, insufficient sleep, unhealthy stress response, neglected self-care, a poor body image or feeling stigmatized by your weight.

2-Six Factors to Fit uses a progressive approach taking your current diet and habits and guiding you with nudges and tweaks to make your lifestyle healthier.

This is in contrast to some programs that may alter one’s eating patterns in extreme ways.

3-Six Factors to Fit shows you how to build your own healthy-eating meal plan, based on your personal tastes and food preferences.

We show you how to be flexible in your meal planning, whether you’re someone who eats on the run or enjoys cooking at home.

4-Six Factors to Fit offers you the latest breakthroughs in the changing fields of lifestyle medicine, nutrition, exercise science, psychology, biology and behavior change.

Knowing that weight management really is a team sport, we discuss additional resources available to support each person’s program – whether you need dietary or physical activity guidance, psychological and emotional counseling, help in controlling your appetite or even surgical intervention.

If you’re someone who’s tired of going on and off restrictive diets and are looking for a new approach to take better control of your weight, take the short Six Factor Quiz here and get your personalized results.


Robert Kushner, MD

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