How to Start your Own Fun Club & Be Active with Friends

Getting your body in motion and being active is not always easy when you have a busy life. Staying motivated to be active and try new things can also be a challenge. 

In contrast, if you participate in a fun activity with a group of friends, then being active can feel more like a social adventure than a tedious chore.  

That’s the purpose of fun club. 

Fun Club Background

For the past 35 years, my wife and co-author Nancy and I, have had a fun club. 

Fun Club started with six couples who were all good friends. 

We wanted to add excitement and adventure to our Saturday nights. Fun club gave us the opportunity to try new things as a group that we would probably never try on our own.

Though all fun club nights end with a light dinner meal, the focus is more on the activity than the food.

Very soon after our group began, we expanded by having every couple bring in another couple. The couples chosen were ones who enjoyed trying new things.

Like any “club”, we discussed different aspects, like the types of activities group members were interested in, how far to travel, setting a budget, collecting money, and how to expand and bring in new people.

Starting a Fun Club

Decide on a number of people to start your fun club. Know that you don’t have to be a couple to start a fun club! 

Choose people you know (friends, family members, work colleagues) who like to be spontaneous and try new things. 

Make a schedule of dates for fun clubs and a rotation for planning. Decide what your budget is and what it covers.

Decide if your group wants to keep the mystery night theme so that only the hosts planning the event know the activity.

Discuss other pertinent rules such as bringing in other members, raising fun club dues or taking pictures. Our one regret – we wished we would have taken pictures at every fun club. 

It’s time to start planning and having fun!

Planning Fun Events

Once you’re in fun club, you will forever be on a mission to find fun group activities. 

Every time you read your local paper, listen to the radio or search the web, you will be on the lookout.

Start a fun club file. Even if you’re not scheduled to plan fun club soon, keep a running file with clippings of anything that sounds fun.

Local community park district brochures or any mailing that includes classes taught in your area are great resources for fun club.

If you’re interested in a certain activity, search the web using the key words of the activity. Call a nearby park district or community college to find other resources.

No idea is stupid. Stretch your imagination and have fun!

Enjoy your health!


Robert Kushner, MD

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