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Thank you WGN Morning News fans for such a great response to our Book Giveaway, sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, publisher of Six Factors to Fit: Weight Loss that Works for You!

The Giveaway is now closed as winners were randomly chosen and notified.

I hope everyone will still stay engaged in becoming healthier now and in the year ahead. Feel free to explore my website and the links below to see all the ways I can nudge you toward better health. 

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Robert Kushner, MD

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  1. Dr. Kushner on December 24, 2019 at 7:43 am

    Thank you all for the amazing response to our WGN Book Giveaway! Nearly 600 WGN Morning News fans took the time to comment about why they wanted a free copy.

    Though I can’t include all 600 viewer comments here, I am copying a sampling below to give everyone a sense that you are not alone in your frustration to lose weight, end yo-yo dieting and find a program that will work for you. This is what the Six Factors to Fit program is all about.

    Though the giveaway is closed and the randomly-chosen winners have been notified, I am hoping to continue to nudge you toward better health.

    New Years is a time for self-renewal where the best thing you can do for yourself is find other like-minded people in your life (family members, friends, neighbors, work colleagues) who can jump onto the healthy lifestyle bandwagon with you – but not by following a restrictive quick-fix diet!

    Instead, make 2020 your year to really get healthier – and have fun in the process.

    Enjoy your health and happy holidays!

    Robert Kushner, MD


    “This book is exactly what my husband and I need! Weight loss is so individual, what might work for me, probably won’t work for him! Just saw you on WGN and was so excited.”

    “I’m a mom and a teacher and always take care of everyone else. I would love to take care of myself too! I want to model for my students and my children that self-care is important.”

    “I just saw your spot on WGN and the 6 factors really resonated with me. I have been on and off many diets and nothing works. Your book is not just another fad diet, it appears that it will show me a whole new lifestyle.”

    “I want this book because I am having a hard time motivating. I saw your segment on WGNTV and was able to identify with a couple of the factors that you were talking about. I am interested in reading your book and getting to the bottom of why I haven’t been able to lose weight and what I can do to get motivated.”

    “Both my husband and I are not getting any younger, and our eating habits aren’t getting any better. We both could use to lose some pounds, and this plan sounds like the way to go.”

    “The reason I am seeking to win the giveaway is because I am a new mom. Exercise and strict diet are extremely hard with a new little one. I have been looking for a way to live healthier that is obtainable. I feel like after taking the quiz this book can help me! My fiancé and I are hoping to live a better life for our little guy.”

    “I really enjoyed the segment with you and your wife. I have struggled many years with weight loss and would love to try your book.”

    “I have no energy and need a life style change.”

    “Turning 50 and ready to get back into shape!”

    “It is nice to see a different approach. I have been struggling for years to lose weight.”

    “I have tried 1000s of diet. I am tired and just want to find a lifelong way of eating/exercising. I am all or nothing…..”

    “Thank you for your inspiration!”

    “Would love a book to help in my weight loss journey.”

    “Loved your segment on WGN and can’t wait to read your book to find my fit.”

    “First granddaughter born 1 week ago…I want to be active with her as she grows up.”

    “I would love a copy of your book for a few reasons. I am a volunteer EMT, teach full time, and find it difficult to always get the “right foods” when time is of the essence. Your freebies were inspiring, and after taking the quiz, I know I need to shift my mind and my habits. I would appreciate your help!”

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