6 Energy Boosting Activities for a Healthier and Better You

Do you incorporate energy boosting activities into your daily routine?

Being aware of your energy level throughout the day can have big implications when it comes to your weight and health.

Being sedentary at work for hours upon hours can leave you wanting to do nothing more than grab for a sweet pick-me-up snack or just plop yourself on the couch.

In contrast, you can feel energized after doing a fun or invigorating activity which not only boosts your energy level but can also improve your mood and leave your mind a bit clearer.

If you want to lose weight and boost your health, taking better control of your energy level throughout the day can be a winning strategy. Though you can’t always break away for an exciting tennis match in the midst of your busy day, there are some simple tweaks to your daily routine that can be energizing.

Think energy management, not time management.

Here are 6 ways you can start incorporating energy-boosting activities into your daily routine:

1 – Move more throughout the day.

Now and then, skip emailing your colleague and get up and walk to his or her office instead. When on a conference call, use a Bluetooth headset so you can pace while talking on the phone. Another option is to hold walking meetings with colleagues.

2 – Eat regularly without skipping meals.

Fueling yourself on a regular basis with planned meals and snacks will help you feel more alert and energized. Choosing more nutritious fare and less sweet treats is also helpful. Taking time the night before work to pack your own lunch and snacks will make you less likely to eat calorie-dense foods from the vending machine or break room.

3 – Stay hydrated by drinking enough water.

Keep a water bottle at your desk so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. And don’t wait till you feel thirsty as this is often a late sign of not drinking enough fluids.

4 – Get enough hours of restful sleep.

Poor sleep will quickly sap your energy the next day. And when this happens, you‘ll most likely have no motivation to boost your activity level or eat healthfully as impaired sleep can make you crave unhealthy foods. To improve your sleep habits, check out the healthy sleep tips from the National Sleep Foundation.

5 – Take restorative breaks.

Set your cell phone to beep, buzz or ring every 45 minutes or so to get up, stretch and walk around. Whether you use the copy machine, go to the restroom farthest from your desk, connect with others or get some fresh air, taking regular breaks can be energizing and good for your joints.

6 – Spend time doing activities or hobbies you enjoy.

Long term, it’s important to have some fun hobbies or invigorating activities that you enjoy and can look forward to on a regular basis. Whether it’s dancing, biking, power walking, swimming, tennis, golf, bowling, Pickle ball, yoga or Pilates, find an activity that you lose yourself in and find energizing.

Though there are a set number of hours in your day, your energy level is not set.

Through these lifestyle tweaks and nudges, I hope you can look forward to gaining energy and improving your health.

Enjoy your Health!


Robert Kushner, MD

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