New Tool to Help You Eat Better, Move More, De-Stress

With stress levels high and routines disrupted in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, we are all feeling challenged to maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

And yet because excess weight and obesity have been identified as risk factors for worse coronavirus outcomes, managing weight and boosting health are now more important than ever.

Over the last 5 months, my patients have proven to me that even while in the midst of a global pandemic, people can be creative and resilient and improve their health habits.

In fact, I’ve created a Health Habits Tip Sheet that includes strategies that have been working to help my patients eat better, move more and de-stress during this challenging time.

These can help you also!

I encourage you to print the Health Habits Tip Sheet here.

You can try the strategies that sound doable to fit your lifestyle and personal challenges.

The goal is to create your new and healthier ‘normal’.

Be patient as you try different strategies to see which ones work.

I also encourage you to gain support along the way as this will help you be successful.

Even if you live alone, you can reach out to others who share your passion for getting healthier and discuss the following:

-healthy recipes and recipe websites to check out

-virtual workouts or apps that are fun or outdoor walking paths to try

-meditation apps that are calming or other ways to de-stress

Remember that you can also be with people safely if you are outdoors and social distancing, such as for a walk or picnic. Wearing a mask is also recommended.

And if you need professional help managing your weight or health, reach out to your primary care provider or find a registered dietitian nutritionist, personal trainer or health psychologist in your area.

Remember that you don’t have to go it alone.

Stay safe and be well!


Robert Kushner, MD

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