Self-Care is Not Just for Weekends!

Self-care is your ability to give your mind and body what they need in order to stay healthy and feel well.

This includes eating well, being active, de-stressing, getting enough sleep, and engaging in leisure-time activities that bring you joy and help recharge your batteries.

In my 40 + years treating patients, I’ve found that those who engage in regular self-care practices, do better managing weight and boosting health than those who keep giving away their time to others.

Taking care of yourself is not being selfish.

Instead, it’s a reminder that your health and happiness are worth the time and effort.

How to Fit Self-Care into a Busy Life?

Though self-care is important to reinvigorate your energy level, how do you make time for something when your day is most likely already overscheduled?

I encourage you each and every day to look for opportunities to fit in some common self-care practices.

A few minutes here and there can really make a difference in your energy level and mood.

Here are some examples:

  • take deeper and refreshing breaths
  • expand your music play list and listen to music
  • keep healthy foods at home to make healthier choices the easiest ones
  • wear an activity tracker to motivate moving more
  • pursue a hobby that brings you joy whether it’s playing guitar, knitting, dancing, reading or biking
  • treat yourself to a spa day at home by soaking in a warm bath
  • establish a relaxing bedtime routine to get more restorative sleep

Better sleep and better self-care often go together.

Instead of having to completely overhaul your lifestyle, you can do some common self-care practices each and every day that help you stay grounded.

Self-care is not just for weekends!

If you want to improve your self-care, check out my self-help book, Six Factors to Fit: Weight Loss that Works for You!


Robert Kushner, MD


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