Your SNACKING TOOLBOX to Improve Daily Health Habits

Sustainable health habits aren’t typically developed as a complete overhaul of one’s lifestyle.

Instead, it’s more realistic and doable if they’re created as one small ‘snack’ step at a time, whether it’s related to healthy eating, getting in more physical activity, or dealing with daily stressors.

You can create your own SNACKING TOOLBOX for when time is short and you’re looking for a quick boost to your mood, energy level or health.

Here are some examples:

1-Hydration ‘Snacks’

Staying hydrated by drinking more water is good for your overall health.

Here are examples of some quick hydration ‘snack’ ideas to sneak in throughout the day:

  • Leave a water bottle by your keys as a reminder it travels with you.
  • Keep some favorite tea bags in your work drawer for a quick, late-afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Try one of the new flavored, no-calorie sparkling waters to fight hydration boredom.

2-Activity ‘Snacks’

Some people think that if you can’t get in your full workout, then why bother? However, all activity counts toward better health – even a few minutes here or there.

Here are activity ‘snack’ examples that can work any time of the day:

  • Set your timer to buzz every 30 -60 minutes when working at the computer as a reminder to stand up, stretch your legs and walk around.
  • Find ‘move more’ opportunities right in your own home, by climbing stairs, walking and talking while on a call, or walking your dog.
  • Use your own body for resistance by doing standing table top push-ups.

3-De-Stressing ‘Snacks’

It’s always good to have some quick de-stressing ‘snack’ ideas on hand. Here are some examples:

  • Do some slow, deep breathing on your own or while using an app like Calm or Headspace.
  • Get outside in nature for some fresh air and a quick walk around the block.
  • Talk it out with a family, friend or trusted co-worker.

4-Between Meal Snacks

We know that planned snacks can be a part of a healthy diet as they can curb hunger between meals.

Assembling snacks that combine protein and produce with foods you enjoy is a great strategy.

Examples may include:

  • a handful of almonds and sliced pear
  • edamame and cherry tomatoes
  • hummus and cucumber slices
  • Greek yogurt and berries
  • peanut butter and apple wedges
  • cottage cheese and sliced strawberries

For your busiest days, you may also need some convenient, grab-and-go options such as calorie-controlled nut packs, popcorn or snack bars.

Hydration ‘snacks’, activity ‘snacks’, de-stressing ‘snacks’ and between meal ‘snacks’ have the potential to give your energy level, mood and health a lift while in the midst of a busy day.

Spend time thinking about how to best fill your SNACKING TOOLBOX.

If you’re struggling trying to improve your health habits, check out my latest book, Six Factors to Fit: Weight Loss that Works for You!

Here’s to enjoying your health – one ‘snack’ step at a time!


Robert Kushner, MD


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